Life changes when you have children or care for them! Teddy Bear Club is the place to turn to build your community (it takes a village!), fill your child's schedule and celebrate milestones along the way. We strive to be a one-of-a kind destination to meet the needs of families while promoting healthy child development and promoting community relationships. 


*May I drop my child off?

Parents/caregivers must remain in our center at ALL times while their child(ren) are at Teddy Bear Club.    


*Do I have to get a membership to attend classes/events/workshops or use the playspace?

No, you can pay individually. 


Membership includes: 

-Community: Join and gain instant connection to other parents and caregivers. Future playdates await! 

Center News

To join our mailing list, send us an e-mail to:

info@teddybearclubchildcare.com, write "Mailing List" on the subject line and include your name and the e-mail address you would like us to reach you by.  Thank you!

-4 Workshops per year.

-Special offers: Exclusive special event promotions, discounted Open Play time, workshops/support groups, space rental.  

-Access to our lending library. 

-Exclusive TBC merchandise. 

-Early access: First dibs on new schedule releases to always ensure you have your first choice in day, title, and time.  

Memberships are open to the entire community and all families are welcome. Membership dues are paid on a yearly per family basis. 


*What are your fees?

Open Play time is $20 ($15 for members) for 2 hours. Individual classes/events are $30 ($25 for members) per class/event. Weekday Space rental (Monday-Friday / 8am-8pm), $125 per hour. Weekend Space Rental (Saturday-Sunday / 8am-8pm), $150 per hour.


*Can my child join a class after the beginning of the series?

Yes, as long as the class is not full. TBC will prorate the fee for students whose first day of class is beyond the scheduled start date.   


*May I get a refund if my child cannot make his/her scheduled class?



*What are your hours?

Hours vary. Our space will close for private events/rentals. Please call or check the 'Bulletin Board' tab before planning your visit.  


*How do I register my child?

We have on-line registration available through our website. Please visit the 'Programs' tab. 


*Do you have Wi-fi?

Yes! We have free Wi-fi access (Though we prefer our phones are put away, and we live in the present moment!).  


*Are make-up classes permitted?

Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate make-up classes due to our class/event schedule and space limitations. If a class/event is cancelled, we will reschedule for a later date.     


*Do you offer parenting classes?

We offer a variety of workshops and special events for parents and caregivers on numerous topics. Facilitators are trained extensively in early childhood education and related topics. 


*Does Teddy Bear Club close for snow days?

Please visit our 'Bulletin Board' tab for up-to-date info on hours and closures. 


*Do you offer an inclusive play environment?

Yes, we do. If you have a child with special needs, please contact us or speak with the front desk. If you are interested in having your child's provider ( Speech, Occupational, or Physical) join them in our playspace, please let us know. 


*What if we leave something behind?

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please do a double-check before you leave our playspace! We do have a lost and found at the front desk that is donated weekly. If you did leave something, please come retrieve it as soon as possible, within the week!

*Can I use my friends membership card, or give mine to a friend to use? 

No. Memberships MUST be used within an immediate family ONLY. You may not allow other families to use your passes at any time. 


*Do you accept cash & cards? 

We accept cash. We do not accept personal checks and we are NOT able to accept bills over $20 at any time.


*Can I have my child’s birthday celebration during a class/event or Open Play? 

No. We do not allow parties of any kind during our programming or Open Play. Instead, we allow birthday "play-dates" where guests may bring in gifts, but we draw a strict line at bringing in any outside catering, decorations, or re-arranging tables and/or furniture to accommodate your celebration. Doing so may result in you being asked to leave. If you are bringing your child to a class/event or Open Play on their birthday, please instead let us know and we will have a little surprise for the birthday child! Alternatively, please contact us to request our space rental form for a private birthday celebration event! 

*Does your facility enforce a playspace capacity? 

Yes! We make sure the playspace is as comfortable as possible at all times. Our playspace capacity is 25 children. Registration for all classes and events are required online, ahead of your visit. 

*Can I pay for classes or events at the door? 

All classes and events require online registration. Please see our 'Programs' tab for more information and registration details. This helps us plan ahead and make sure our events do not get too crowded! We do not accept bills over $20. 


*What does your playspace look like? 

We will be uploading photos shortly.  At which time, we will attach a link so that you could check us out!

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