Let's face it; healthy eating is a necessary evil for grownups and children alike. However, being healthy does not boil down to a daily smoothie and a multivitamin.  True health and safety comes from solid nutrition as well as good dietary and sanitary habits (not to mention an environment that supports these efforts).  Teaching children healthy habits and taking certain precautions are crucial in insuring their safety, but does not need to be an impossible task.  Below you will find a collection of articles providing guidelines and suggestions that, when implemented, are sure to keep your child safe, healthy and happy!




1) “Food safety tips for preschoolers”

It’s important to keep kiddies safe, especially because their immune systems are still developing. Preschoolers' immune systems are still developing.  Following these tips and guidelines will keep your child healthy and happy!



2) "Lunchbox Ideas"

Quick, easy and DELICIOUS healthy lunch ideas for your little ones!



3) "18 healthy store-bought snacks for school lunches"

A concise and printable list to make shopping for healthy food easy!


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